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Al-Qari Textiles and Readymade Garments Company

Al-Qari Textile and Ready-made Company is a product of years of experience that has been gained through working in many textile and ready-to-wear facilities. The company was established in the Syrian city of Damascus in 1988. The company worked to implement all requests entrusted to it, both internally and externally. Based on the company’s goal to expand its business and spread its products on the largest possible geographical area, the company established a branch in Muscat, Oman in 2013. The company has made several contracts to manufacture ready-made clothes for many brands in the Sultanate. The development of the textile and garment market in Turkey has prompted the company to consider expanding its business in Turkey. Indeed, this scheme was implemented in the year 2019 and the Continental company opened a new branch for them in Istanbul, Turkey, to set a foothold in this large market and to be a strong competitor with its expertise, staff and capabilities. Al-Qari Company pledges to manufacture the best and latest models for all genders and ages. Al-Qari Company provides you with services to convert your designs into ready-to-wear clothes in its branches located in Syria, Oman and Turkey. It also allows you to design and sew service as well. The company currently has one factory and one branch in Istanbul, Turkey, in addition to one in Damascus and another in Muscat. The company aims to open other branches in multiple cities around the world. Our company pledges to provide its services in accordance with the highest standards, and the company focuses on executing external orders and exporting significantly

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Our centers around the world
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Our centers around the world
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Our centers around the world

The company was established in 1988 in the Syrian city of Damascus by Mr. Muhammad Al-Qari and his son Mr. Ahmed Al-Qari where they worked hard and momentum to advance and develop the company. A branch of the company was opened in the city of Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman in the year 2013, and another branch was opened in Istanbul, Turkey in the year 2019. The Istanbul branch is the administrative and executive branch of the company currently with the presence of the founder Mr. Mohamed Al-Qari and the general manager Mr. Ahmed Al-Qari at the head of the company in Istanbul. Production is managed by Mr. Mahmoud Ahmed Al-Qari in his capacity as Director of Production, and Mr. Abdul Latif Al-Masry deals with the process of buying and selling and completing deals as Sales Manager. The packaging operations are supervised by Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Qari, as responsible for the division department. The Al-Qari Company employs 25 workers as tailors, sample workers, cutters and so on, and this number increases to 40 workers depending on the type of project and its time plan.

We have many professional designers who are able to transfer your imagination into modern designs that suit your taste. We are ready to design all kinds of clothes for all ages and genders

If your design is ready, we are the implementers. We are honored to serve you by implementing your designs and translating them to touch the ground

We run a fabric cutting and cutting service for you to sew

We have all kinds of sewing on the latest machines and the fastest way. We guarantee that you are sewing to the highest standards and we are confident that you will get the best results

The Continental Company has worked since its establishment in 1988 in accordance with the idea of “customer satisfaction above everything”, and based on this principle the company has adopted a message that its content is to satisfy the customer by providing the best prices without neglecting the quality, and thus the message is competitive prices with competing qualities. Your satisfaction is our goal and destination

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Since its establishment in 1988, Al-Qari Company has expanded its operations to include the largest possible geographical area. Since its inception, the company has sought to export and execute external orders and prioritized it. Based on its vision, the Continental Company has opened branches in other countries, including Oman and Turkey, and the Continental Company is seeking to open many other branches in other countries.



Al-Qari Company

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